Congestion in NYC

A night out sounds fun, but how annoying will that travel be? Below we show general trends of congestion when traveling into manhattan.

How to Read The Heat Maps

The heatmaps below show Manhattan to Manhattan congestion. The zones represented by the rows are the drop off locations in Manhattan, and the zones represented by the columns are the pick up locations. The rows are arranged alphabetically for ease of finding specific drop-off locations. If the zone in the respective borough is not present in the heat map, there were no rides coming from or into that zone.

Manhattan to Manhattan Congestion

From this heatmap, you can see that the average congestion in Manhattan throughout the day is fairly consistent. But what about blocks of time during the day? Like morning/evening rush hour or the dinner time that most people follow?

Manhattan to Manhattan - Morning rush

For morning rush hour (6-9am) we can see that most of the locations that have observations have very high congestion percentages, with areas like West Village and World Trade Center having some of the highest congestion.

Manhattan to Manhattan - Evening rush

For evening rush hour (4-6pm), we actually see a lot more congestion than the morning rush hour. Certain drop off areas, like west village and world trade center, still see extremely high congestion rates though.

Manhattan to Manhattan - Dinner time

During dinner time (6-9pm), congestion as a whole falls off in this time frame for most of Manhattan except for World Trade Center to World Trade Center travel, which has a travel congestion of 97%. This would suggest that one should avoid this area as travelling by taxi would most likely be in slow moving traffic.